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I am a designer & developer passionate with creating beautiful digital experiences

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been lucky enough to dive into the world of website design and development. It’s been an exciting journey for me, especially since I started this as a part-time gig while I was in college. My clients have come from various places, including the US, UK, Australia, and even some from my own country.

While I now have a full-time job, I still love doing freelance design and development whenever I have some free time. It allows me to keep my creative juices flowing and stay connected to my passion.

During my downtime, you can usually find me browsing the web, catching up on awesome movies on Netflix, playing games on my Nintendo Switch, or hanging out with my friends when things start to feel a bit dull. And let me tell you, my love for sweets and all things tech is a delightful obsession I can’t resist! 🍬📱


My career journey took off when I was just a college freshman, but my fascination with codes and design goes way back to my grade school days.

In 2014, I designed my very first website, a blog where I shared random thoughts and experiments with my design skills. Drawing inspiration from various online sources, I delved into coding even before pursuing my bachelor’s degree in information technology.

To further refine my abilities, I started taking on freelance projects. It was an exciting time, as I got the chance to design and develop ecommerce stores, portfolios, and websites for small to medium-sized businesses.

During this period, a small design company from the UK hired me to work on websites for their foreign clients. Despite not having a complete grasp of the field at the time, I found myself completely hooked and enthusiastic about this line of work.

Since then, I wholeheartedly embraced a full-time career as a designer. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey, allowing me to continuously sharpen my skills in web and graphic design, coding, branding, and more.

About this website

This website is designed in Figma using the font Pangram Sans from the Pangram Pangram Foundry.

It’s hosted and deployed globally by Namecheap.

Locally built in Metro Manila, Philippines

2023- Gean Paulo